WLG Testimonies

-“ I want to tell you this one more time. You will never know how grateful for everything that you ( WORK LOVING GOD, Inc)
and Pastor John (GROUNDED IN GRACE Church) and those wonderful people from West Knoxville have done. I’m just
thinking how cold this house would be if the skirting hadn’t been put up and for everything (roof, lighting, heat pump, sewer repairs….)you have done. Temps going down in the teens at night. I can’t take the cold anymore ….


- This man really impressed me and that’s not easy. I have trust issues but when he tells you something
is going to be done it’s done. No exceptions!


If this hadn’t happened to me I would not have believed it. My roof was leaking like a sieve and I posted on Facebook one
day that I needed it repaired. I got a message from someone I didn’t know about repairing the leak. He said he would be
here the next day and talk to me. I didn’t take it seriously but the next day lo and behold there was this very tall man at my
door and his name is Pastor Stephen Burkhart from Work Loving God. Before it was over I had a new roof because mine
was rotted and couldn’t be repaired. Not only that but all electrical plugs had been replaced but the story goes on. He vented
my dryer, repaired a hole in the ceiling and floor. He also contacted Pastor John Thompson of Grounded in Grace and there’s
a brand new heat pump installed thanks to Brad Hicks. I also gained new friends.



“ You will never know how much I appreciate what both you have done for me. I didn’t really expect you to show up and then
there you were. I had been begging every one and had been turned down or just ignored me. Those wonderful guys from the Methodist Church ( 1st Dandridge UMC) put in that great ramp which probably saved me a few broken bones, I have diabetic neuropathy in both feet and legs and lots of times I can’t feel the ground beneath my feet. My feet are numb but the pain in
my legs is horrible. I ask my doctor once if there was anything that could be done and he said surgery and they go in and
snip the nerves but a 90 percent chance I would never be able to walk again , I chose to walk. Thank you Pastor for all
you have done.”



Pastor Steve gives his all for those in need, I know this first hand because I am one of his recipient’s