About Us

Founded by Steph "Preachee" Burkhart, Work Loving God, Inc. is a “Word, Deed, Sign” Ministry and is  part of The Association of Independent Methodists. 

Work Loving God, Inc. is now registered in the State of Tennessee to pursue Construction Missions, Local Church Consulting: Congregation/Leadership Development, Missions and Ministry, Church Renewal.

WLG Bible Studies are offered in Morristown and Seymour/Knoxville, and we are offering consulting services in local church leadership structures, moving outside church doors in mission, discerning and pursuing Holy Spirit vision.

Monetary Donations can be sent to Work Loving God, Inc. or W.L.G. at 951 Ravenwood Dr, Morristown TN 37814 or by PayPal. Donations of treated lumber, tools, hardware are also received to support the ministry by email preachee54@ymail.com or text message to 865-209-7061.