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In the Pits

October 12, 2022, 12:00 AM


1. The Love Pit- It happens to new church starts and long existing churches - The existing members become so content and in love with each other, they loose all desire to reach out to invite others- they worship membership but refuse discipleship. The church stagnates or dies by attrition.

2. The GOC Pit- Nothing sadder than committed sad Christians. GOCs ( Grouchy Old Christians) claim the light of Christ, but quench newcomers ideas that might spread that light. Pretty soon the word gets out in community, and the GOCs are just left to themselves and the church dies.?

3. The Lazy Institutionalist Pit- they worship denominational labels above Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - so they apathetically tolerate corruption and heresy and stick their Spiritual heads in the sands claiming “ we’re sticking it out because it will pass” - but the Lord spews out the luke warm.

4. Property Worship Pit- they worship property, cemeteries . “ We won’t take a stand becsuse I don’t want to lose my free cemetery plot that comes with membership; and so long as “my” family is in control of the building and pastors, I really don’t care what the greater church does. The cemeteries fill and the church empties.

5. Church Bank Account Worship Pit- the church loves massive reserves for personal church security. “ Sure we have plenty of money, but we might need it someday for “ us”. Why would we use it to help someone else? And let’s not talk about it so we get get people for special services for next to nothing, and keep the pastor poor and under our thumb. “

6. Secular Popularity Pit. The church want to be cool at any cost, even at the cost of truth and doctrine. Pastors become broadway entertainers and only the safe, non controversial part of Scripture is discussed. The goal is to recruit financial supporters to cover production costs; not members or disciples. Eventually the show ends, and the drifting move to the next venue.

Church Am I in a Pit Questions:

Are we stagnating members or growing and sending disciples?

Is there fruit- are folks being reached, saved, baptized, called into ministry?

How much of our church budget is for “ us” verses “others”?

Are we hoarding what God has allowed us or pouring it out so completely we have no choice but to Trust God?

If this church completely disappeared tomorrow, besides members, would anyone really notice?

Check out Psalm 40:1-4 if you are ready church to be THE CHURCH!